From the Director

Message from the Director

Message from the Director
Our society is full of risks. Everyone hopes to be fortunate; however, in reality, we overwhelmingly have more chances of meeting the misfortune that can rain down on us at any stage of our life, from the moment we were born to the day we expire. In this light, devising ways to successfully cope with risks is critically important for us to enjoy a happy life free from worry.

We, at the Life Risk Research Center, are engaged in research projects that explore how we can better cope with the various risks that can occur at any time by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach. Specifically, we aim to conduct comprehensive research to identify how we should react when exposed to a risk and how we can prevent risks from occurring, while considering what systems are necessary to this end and how such systems can be optimally used by combining expertise from a wide range of academic disciplines, such as economics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, science and engineering, and life science.
Message from the Director
In earlier days, life, non-life, unemployment, and other various types of insurance provided us with sufficient protection against misfortune through monetary compensation, but today, we are exposed to a number of emerging risks that cannot be fully covered by the conventional insurance system. Crime, leakage of information, mental stress, medical malpractice, and computer viruses are only a few examples of the risks that prevail extensively in today’s society.

Additionally important is the mental care required of people who are suffering from such misfortune. At the Life Risk Research Center, we place strong emphasis on exploring ways to care for people in need of help. Specific research themes in this regard include: social security and care; response to women’s life risks; risks pertaining to education and earnings; and risks pertaining to social systems.

In short, the purpose of the Life Risk Research Center is to explore how we can live a mentally healthy and happy life without worry. We are looking forward to your generous support and advice.

Prof. Toshiaki Tachibanaki
Director , Life Risk Research Center