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Recently completed and ongoing research projects
   Non resident fathers in Britain (ESRC/DSS)
1999-2000 Measurement of absolute poverty (Eurostat)
1999-2000 Poverty: the outcomes for children (ESRC)
1998-2000 Survey of poverty and social exclusion in Britain (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)
2001-2002 A comparison of child benefit packages in 22 countries (HM Treasury/DWP)
2002-2006 COST Action 19 Child Well-being (EU)
2003- UK expert on National Action Plans for Social Inclusion panel (EU)
2006-2007 Child support in comparative perspective (DWP)
2006-2008 Minimum Income Standards for the UK (JRF)
2006-2008 Index of child well-being in CEE/CIS countries (UNICEF)
2007-2008 Social exclusion of young people aged 16-24 (Cabinet Office)